Weiye Aluminium was founded in 1992, with 30 years of unremitting efforts, innovation and development.

The company has always been adhering to the “Science and Technology booms Weiye, quality makes famous brand” as mission, “Creating Time-honored Weiye, Developing world famous brand ” as development target of “Scale, Technology Brand Management”, Weiye Aluminium leads the Chinese Aluminium profile industry, strives to create more economic, social benefits and aims to develop the world's global influential aluminium profile industry group.

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    4 Nanhai shishan production base A,Naihai shishan production base B,Xuzhou production base

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    83 International advanced aluminum extrusion production lines

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    500,000T Annual capacity

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    400+ National authorized patent


  • building
    Weiye aluminium Building System, a well-known enterprise in the industry, is dedicated to provide customized aluminium alloy building system solution to the buildings according to different climates; provide system profile and advanced technical support to real estate developers, builders, processors and building materials distributors, bringing users the ultimate home life experience.
  • Household aluminium profiles
    For past 30 years, Weiye has always put the quality in priority. From the raw material purchasing, to extrusion, to the storage and logistic, relying on ERP management system and advanced performance management system, 6s on-site management standard, precising management and quality control, Weiye strive to perfect, with essential control method to carry out quality management and on-site management, Weiye implements the responsibility to person and effectively tracks the whole process of quality control.
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    The high-precision and large-scale industrial products shows Weiye business strength. Weiye Industrial Aluminium profile products are widely used in aerospace navigation, defense military, rail transit, building material, electronic and electrical industries, exporting more than 30 countries and regions.
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